35mins $65 / 60mins $120 / 75 mins  $140

Includes a Skin Analysis and Consultation for first time visits. A superb individualized facial with customized treatment mask and medical grade concentrates.  Skincare Plan for us to work with you. Use choose your finish with a Makeup Application using our Curtis Collection Mineral Makeup range tailored to your skin tone…. 


35 mins from $85

Mii Beauty offers a range of skin smoothing Peel Treatments ideal for your particular requirements. By removing dead skin cells and stimulating cell turn over they can be a very effective anti-ageing treatment for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation scar tissue, acne and fine lines.  Your therapist may suggest a course of specific peels dependent on your skin’s particular requirements.  Mii Beauty offers AHA, BHA and Jessner Peels.


Full Face $250

The very latest in advanced skin treatments. Derma rolling is achieving visibly stunning results.  Using a roller with ultra fine medical grade needles rolled over your skin produces a stimulation of juvenile collagen that will have your skin looking fresher and firmer.   Highly active serums are infused to hydrate and further rejuvenate your skin.  The results are incredible!



35 mins $65

Pop in for a rejuvenating & refreshing Mini Facial which will brighten not only your skin but your day.  Perfect for whenever your skin could benefit from a boost of TLC.  This facial is a particular favorite for busy clients or to combine with other treatments.  Using  Australian native ingredients such as Lillypilly, Wild Rosella, Australian Clays to purify, smooth and nourish and our Marine Algae or Macadamia Hydrating Creams will have you beaming with clarity. Key Elements: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask, Moisturize


LI’TYA Mirri

60 mins $110

Suitable for all skin types this facial integrates Australian native ingredients such as Lillypilly, Wild Rosella and Macadamia nut.  It’s an ideal treat for dull or lifeless skin or to prepare your skin for a special occasion.  An Aboriginal inspired pressure point facial massage helps to relieve stress and tension whilst stimulating the circulation. As well as scalp, neck and shoulder massage which will send you to another world!  You and your skin will benefit from a boost of Tender Loving Care.  Key Elements: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask, Shoulder, Neck & Shoulder & Pressure Point  Facial Massage using one of our Aromatherapy Facial Oils.

LI’TYA Mikiri

75 mins $130

This tailor-made facial treatment is prescribed  as an intensive boost suitable for all skin types and will be customized to target specific skin conditions such as dehydration, congestion, dryness and sensitivities.  Skin is cleansed and exfoliated using a combination of Australian native  ingredients such as Lillypilly, Wild Rosella to revitalize.  Two specialized masks are applied during the treatment to focus on intense purifying with Australian Clays plus a skin drenching hydration mask to  smooth and nourish.  A pressure point facial massage helps to relieve stress and tension whilst stimulating the circulation and the LI’TYA PAUDI scalp and shoulder massage clears the mind.  This indulgent treatment is further enhanced with your choice of a hand or foot massage. Your skin will emerge feeling purified, balanced and beaming with clarity.  And so will you!

Key Elements: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Purifying Mask, Pressure Point Facial Massage, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp Massage.